17 Aug 2011

reality shows are better than daily soaps ?

As we all now now our today's generations are getting bored watching those boredom type of daily soaps they want something new in or interesting to watch not those saas - bahus serials and specially those ekta kapoor's serials which we all call disaster or headache her serials are long-run once and also much more family stuff were there is a saas bahu relation and a vamp who trouble them that's it nothing beyond that 

people are feeling boredom watching all this stuff and they want some comedy or something adventurous , thriller , some masti , masala , dhum-dhadaka dance , romantic songs , etc 
yes, here is what im talking about the really show which made the people crazy to watch so here is a question Is reality shows better than the daily soaps ? 

TRP is an important tool channels use to rate their shows. Giving an example of two very famous Indian shows, Amitabh Bachchan’s ‘ Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC)’ aired on’ Sony Entertainment Television’ and Salman Khan’s big ticket show ‘Big Boss 4’ on Colors.
KBC is aired during the time band of 9pm-10 30pm. The one and half hour first episode of the season kick started with an average TRP of 5%. It is the highest average rating recorded in the time band of 9pm-10 30pm Monday.
On the other hand Salman’s Big Boss recorded an average rating of 3.4%. The opening episode of Big Boss 4 on Oct 3rd clashed with the Common Wealth Games opening and had still managed to grab eyeballs.

Other channels like Star Plus, Zee TV and Imagine TV that telecast fiction shows during the time band too failed to match KBC with an average rating of 3.2, 2.9, and 1.1 percent respectively.It is observed today that fiction shows have a much lesser TRP rating amongst youngsters. The youth today prefers Reality Shows. Big Boss and KBC are a change to the audience from the daily soap’s and help in bringing the family together to enjoy a show during dinner time. Though KBC and Big Boss are two different genres of shows it’s not possible to compare them as one helps in building general knowledge and the later is a family masala show with a lot of drama and entertainment.A lot of talent shows today like Boogie Woogie, Indian Idol, Sare Gama and Dance India dance are also helping the common people to show their talent. This is a stage used by many aspirants to get into the limelight and create a place in the industry.Producers are also now investing in dance shows like Nach Baliye and Jhalak Dikhhlaja by introducing celebrity couples and pairing them with aspiring choreographers which is helping to increase the TRP’s of the show and also giving recognition to those working behind scenes.These reality shows bring about drama and some real world factor and the combination of the two helps in attracting audience.Fiction Shows are losing its charm due to the same stereotype and predicted storylines. It is now failing to attract audience and retain them. On the other hand reality shows are attracting a huge mass of the youth as well as the other mass audience. For example shows like KBC and Big Boss attract a mass of the audience on the other hand Roadies and Splits villa aired on MTV attracts a lot of the youth today.Reality shows have also helped give a break to the Bollywood Stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan and Akshay Kumar to enter the television world and make an impact on television.We see a lot of film stars today hosting reality shows as this gives the producers a probability of higher TRP rating than introducing a new Television Star.
It sure seems like the Indian television is undergoing a revolution and shifting from the regular Soaps to a marathon of Reality Shows

Reality Shows came as an alternative to daily soaps and serials – precisely events in the television that offered 'out of the box ideas' and a refreshing alternative. These are basically television shows, based on real life competitions, far removed from daily soaps with stringent story lines. It came as a welcome change to viewers and they received such shows with open arms. Reality shows capture the life and behavior of ordinary people in real-life situations. Ever since they invaded Indian television (Channel V's talent hunt for a musical band started the trend of reality shows in India), these soon became extremely popular with the audience. Reality television shows broke the monotony of serials with otherwise complicated story lines to attract viewer-ship with interesting scripts. Hence reality shows are stealing the show big time. Some of the shows include talent hunts; game and celebrity shows, documentary-style shows, makeover shows. But however different their concepts might be, and welcome they are to the audience, all reality shows are bound with a common thread- that of putting ordinary people or celebrities in real-life situations that would entertain other commoners. 
Reality Shows in India are most popular in terms of various musical shows and in various languages. These have effectively brought life to the otherwise monotonous contents. Shows like Sa Re Ga Ma Pa (Zee TV), Indian Idol (Sony TV), or Voice of India (Star Plus) have been running successfully and each is extremely well received by viewers from all corners of the country. Apart from just being ingredients for entertainment, these reality shows also bring out the latent talent of so many young men and women and many gifted performers are born thus.

What excites the audience most is that these reality shows make the audience a part and parcel of these live shows. For example, Indian Idol – the most popular music reality show on Indian television till date, inspired by The American Idol, allow the audience to choose the winner through SMS voting system. This very interactivity fetches the show and its likes much popularity and fan followings. So much is the popularity of these shows that even the regional language channels are not far behind in reproducing such programmes in their language and gaining regional popularity. 
However, Indian reality shows are hardly original. Most of the times, they are a direct borrow from their western counterparts. Some producers and anchors argue that there is nothing wrong in this as long as it popular and satisfies the entertainment appetite of viewers and moreover, Indian television at this stage is very experimental and seeking success through both original and tried and tested concepts in the form reality shows. Needless to say, reality television shows in India have been received well and are here to stay....!!!
but still i will ask u what do u prefer guys reality shows or soap operas 90% people watch reality shows in this the age group are the working class people, college and school going students , etc and only 10% people watch soap operas in which the age group are the housewives, and senior citizens .  


  1. both reality shows n soap operas are boring n waste of time...instead watch a good movie...

  2. yaaaa that's true re but good movies should exist na
    there r so few good movies to watch
    thanks 4 commenting

  3. I hate the whole idot box.....but it is providing food for so many thats why its also important.... Otherwise its better to read book or talk to ur friends insted of watching that...it provides nothing but just a introvert mind with so many tricks about how to tussle with ur in-laws.....